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Created by baiyun
Barbie soul mate first exclusive contract by the Xiaoxiang College

The so-called survived the spoils. Ever since the day after the encounter gripped Aaron. Two weeks later, in addition to occasional nausea during pregnancy reaction made me dizzy, but my life is calm, placid. Figuratively Well, this time I do not know Mr. Kee learned I was pregnant, so in order for my future grandchildren forgiving love, or perhaps really smuggled goods smuggling, human head or will perhaps unloading big hands and feet to be busy. Elie certainly follow him with his dragon seen as both. So is the same no longer disappear on me like shit winded, earnest, <a href="http://www.your-trusty-time.com/AUDEMARS-PIGUET-ROYAL-OAK-CHRONO-SEC-12.html">Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph</a> persuade. As Jixin Chen. . . . . . That, um, superficial between us, ha. What? You actually asked me that Alan told me how? Ho. Tell you what, in fact, the woman, has been for me not to pose any threat. The only thing I was a little depressed - Seeing the window has started cold, north wind whistling blowing straight, about to enter the winter snow. My last trip before, or fall, and that the Shuanghua October loved pet, the pace of recovery of Xiaoxiang College Writing on, I'm still stuck in that chapter to see before the accident - yet Update it! Called me during pregnancy, can not move nor wanted to move, you have had in the house was now more rely on at home, doing nothing all day, bored, only to pass the time by reading novels, has chosen one of every rare find The novel did not want to see the updated emptiness lonely little woman feel then na! Alas! Is now a half past six in the evening, and seeing the day again passed. Boring ah, boring, filled with a whole body does not go out because of a long chill caused by moldy smell. Tapping. Knock at the door came. Is it reminded me of the maid go to eat? But Ji family dinner that night will Delicacies done not so fast, not always eat so early ah. I went to the door wondering - I do not know is not my vertigo, outside an Armani gray woolen coat, lined with white shirt with black dots Jixin Chen, seemed particularly princess precisely, especially manhood. If it were not for the sake of his legs, and I thought he was able to go out to dinner. Corneille, you have nothing uncomfortable today, right? No ah. After I gave him a grin, muscular arched arm doing road standard action, body double rods, Eat Well Well incense! Idiot ! His eye grassland to pinch my nose bully me, fool plus pig.  Do not pinch the prosthesis to be out of it. I'm spoiled. Fart blanket. Tangible out, has long super strong, you would love to lie to me. .. ... His words I do not know whether it contains a profound and very unhappy blame me road. OK, OK. .. .. Actually hurt it. Naturally I took his paw pinch my nose, put it back in his lap, with his legs in the Burberry blanket cover, Do not catch a cold day getting cold. .. .. for you to find what I do ah? ah, yes more. ... He did not know why the little discretion after a moment of silence, raised his head, looked at me and said firmly, Corneille enchant your clothes now, for you find the most expensive set of pull the wind, what Cartier, Tiffany, Juicy are wearing them, then what Birkin, Chanel wore them. .....  Why ah .. ... I looked at him funny, Do you want someone to give me a home, take pictures?  No way, but, I want to take you out tonight dinner only...... I suspect that my ears are ringing in the ears of the room might, just listen Zhong Shu downstairs shouted, Master Yeah, hurry up friends. car already at the door waiting for more than an hour anymore. Miss Hall's daughter Lucy hundred feast began seven thirty Yeah, but you and soul mate when down that way? Jixin Chen Zhong Shu did not answer, just let me go back to doing the gesture of the room, laughed language. Halo, incredible. He even had to take me out to dinner hey, but also what the cousin went to her daughter's one hundred dew feast! I am totally confused mind open closet. Unfortunately do not know how to wear <a href="http://www.your-trusty-time.com/OMEGA-SEAMASTER-007-SERIES.html">Omega Seamaster <a href="http://www.your-trusty-time.com/OMEGA-SEAMASTER-SERIES_2.html">omega Aqua Terra</a> 007 </a> to do, because the first line to pull the wind is sure to feature dual sexy sultry heels, my situation does not wear high heels. If worn alone pull the wind, good weird said. Moreover, I have never participated in any high society wealthy feast, there is no way to know who his family is how those Qinjuan wear, not even a reference. Fortunately, after seeing the appearance ij hearts have so little points, or maybe I really will wear special formal evening dress to go. Yes sir, and came downstairs like Uncle urging loyalty. Hey come here. Jixin Chen perfunctory his way for me. Well, whatever it Chuan Chuan, if the dress is so beautiful to the last one, would not have grandstanding, posturing suspected? Fifteen minutes later. I have a small pearl pink in the middle, there are chocolate-colored fur cuffs, hem trim plus cashmere sweater and he looks a little bit maybe with a simple smoke gray pleated woolen skirt, wearing a pair of despicably low heeled and sleeves of the same color all-fur boots, threw a jacket casually selected (certainly a place to eat anyway, air conditioning will certainly still have to take off it), and carrying a pink Birkin, full makeup on the door followed ij waiting for a long time, we went to pick her daughter one hundred of his cousin Lucy banquet car. Drivers do not know, should not our home. Travel a little bored, I took two pieces of chocolate from the bag, eat a piece of himself, handed Jixin Chen a blink of an eye, you should not eat. Eat what to eat, I eat the air. Why ah?  You say why?! his eyes all the way down, the last stop in on my naked thigh, I tell you hard the first time in the mood to take you out, and you dare put out to show off ! the driver seemed to notice the rearview mirror, the gas field is not right for us. Slanting eyes, secretly looked to the rear of us. Oh, my husband, friends eating chocolate. My tone was gentle enough strength to be sinking lady Han quickly peel the chocolate is good, seemingly gentle but in reality it brutally hard stuffed the Jixin Chen mouth. Oh, sir good loving soul mate ah! Peeping into this scene the driver could not help but boast significantly over both of us, was re off to concentrate on driving over his head. Ghost know Jixin Chen now has grabbed my wrist in delicate angry abuse, whatever the outcome, I also looked up some of the high-heeled boots with his feet in the fiercely pay attention.

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