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Canada Goose alleges the following three trademarks: (1) a word mark for Canada Goose and two design marks;

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(2) the jacket¡¯s trade dress (described as the Canada Goose
trademark in a circular logo positioned on the shoulder of the arm; and
(3) real fur on the hood, according to the complaint. The Kensington
Jacket, is one of the most well known parka jackets, that comprises of
additional trade dress features, including a three quarter length
design. The complaint alleges, since September 2013 Sears has been
selling coats using an infringing circular logo positioned on the upper
sleeve, as well as other features that infringe the Kensington Jacket¡¯s
trade dress.

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Canada Goose alleges in a lawsuit filed late last year that Sears is
selling knock-offs of its highly distinctive coats.
The department store has now filed its statement of defence in Federal
Court and is taking direct aim not just at this particular lawsuit, but
what the retailer calls Canada Goose¡¯s ¡°campaign of intimidation.¡±
Canada Goose is trying to claim the exclusive right to sell any winter
coat with a fur collar ¡°of any sort¡± or with a circular logo on its
sleeve, Sears alleges in its statement of defence.

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¡°Canada Goose is simply attempting to bully Sears and others through
demands, unfounded litigation, statements in the press and the like into
ceasing activities that Canada Goose knows do not cause confusion or
any harm to it,¡± Sears Canada stated in its defense to the lawsuit,
which was filed by Canada Goose late last year. Sears also accuses the
retailer of defrauding its loyal customers: ¡°The real purpose of Canada
Goose¡¯s campaign of intimidation is to attempt to prevent or lessen
sales in the marketplace of less expensive winter jackets ¡­ to preserve
its temporary ability to sell its garments at a huge markup to the
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Financial details of the deal were not disclosed, but Dani Reiss is
staying on as President and CEO, and the company still plans on
producing the jackets in Canada. ¡°With this investment, we¡¯re able to
amplify what has driven our success for the last 15-plus years:
delivering the best and warmest jackets to the rest of the world,¡± Reiss
said. ¡°All proudly made in Canada.¡±
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