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Created by baiyun
Men love when 300,000 gift woman after breaking sued for the return of property

During love, Miss Yan Fang gifts totaling more than 30 million property, after breaking up, Ms. Yan Fang court will demand the return of property. Hosted by the Beijing Second Intermediate Court Judge patient mediation, conciliation agreement recently reached between the parties, all the items are owned by Mr. Fang agrees Ms. Yan all, paid by Ms. Yan Fang 63,000 in 2007, Mr. Fang Yan and flight attendants working in the airline Ms. acquaintance, the two established a relationship. February 2009, Miss Yan break, ending two relationship. Fong said the prosecution to the court of first instance, and soon met with Ms. Yan their cohabitation, has spent 22,000 yuan to help Ms. Yan decorating the house and preparing for the wedding, Ms. Yan has to <a href='http://www.your-trusty-time.com/TAG-HEUER.html'>Tag Heuer SLR Watches</a> buy a Cartier, Rolex watches, Katie Asia rings and furniture, electrical appliances, cosmetics and other luxury goods, but also for Ms. Yan pay heating costs; Ms. Yan's mother also borrowed from his office $ 20,000 and Ms. Yan invested 50,000 yuan to buy a car. Fang believes that during the two fall in love to the property, Ms. Yan is a gift for the wedding and the bride price, is not unconditional gift, he asked Miss Yan repay the money and prepare for the marital property <a href='http://www.your-trusty-time.com/TAG-HEUER.html'>Tag Heuer Aquaracer</a> totaling more than 30 million yuan, and 30,000 yuan compensation for mental damages. Miss Yan said Mr. Fang agreed to return to the cabinet, shoe racks and other furniture, do not agree to the return of other items. Ms. Yan first instance verdict after hearing the cabinets, and other furniture shoe return Fang, but rejected the request after other proceedings Fang court of first instance, both sides refused to accept the appeal to the Second Intermediate Court respectively. Second Intermediate People's Court proceedings, the judge on the facts of the case carried out a detailed inquiry, the evidence provided by the parties carried out a detailed verification. That the current law only supports the parties request the return of payments in accordance with the custom of bride price, but the case of Ms. Yan to Mr. Fang to obtain a large number of property does not belong to the bride in nature. By analyzing the facts and legal, the contractor who think mediation is the best way to achieve a fair solution to the case. Based on this, the judge asked <a href='http://www.your-trusty-time.com/PANERAI-LUMINOR-AUTOMATIC-CHRONO-44MM.html'>panerai luminor automatic</a> repeatedly summon the parties to appear in court, after careful work, the two sides finally reached a period of love, Ms. Yan Fang gift items are all owned by Ms. Yan all, are not required to pay the entire cost of the return; abandon Ms. Yan's two million claims; Miss Yan Fang 63,000 payment, the judge reminded the mediation agreement has not been or are in Tanhunlunjia young man, young men and women get along Mini valuables should be cautious, for one party to another to obtain property behavior should be careful, otherwise the dispute posterity and wealth losses than gains.

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