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Created by baiyun
The reason not to go long or when walking when Pianman

Dial 5 moment degrees is on the table does not handle, rotate the dial needles sometimes together at any time, there is a large table sound when shaking watch What is the reason?

This is to be divided into two cases, there is a greater sound when one is shaking the table watches, while the dial position is not bad, this happens in two dial foot screws loose or a broken leg and another dial dial foot screws loose off; If the dial is rotated, it must be two dial feet are cut off, it would not turn. Second hand touch table glass, Pointer Hu Peng, the hour hand touch the dial, which is what causes it? Second hand touch the glass table can sometimes be found circumferential scratches on the glass table. Minute hand, hour hand touch the dial, the dial is also sometimes circumferential scratches or dial paint is worn around the hole. The reasons for these phenomena are:

(1) Pointer Pointer uneven or curved installation, all the watch stop and go, do not go long or when walking Pianman

(5) In both cases, if the dial foot off only one screw or orange dial foot off one side of the table may benefit ounces low side, scratches on the dial side may have, while no, these failures can watches stop and go, when to go, etc. Pianman not long or go.

(1) the impact of the watch work force in the course of the condition ill, changing the position of the watch, thus creating a lasting impact on the speed control system. When a strong external shock, pressure and friction bearing system will greatly increase the speed, but also the gossamer rings fluctuate between the upper and lower contact or interfere with the normal work of the Department of escapement governor, undermining the accuracy of travel watches. If the vibration is too intense, but also makes the watch all the moving parts subject to a certain degree of damage, affecting life table machines. When exposed to a magnetic field affect the watch more than 60 Oe magnetic field induction, cause some parts of magnetization. When magnetized <a href="http://www.brand-swiss.com/replica-Cartier-Pasha-watches-250-1.html">Cartier Pasha</a> watch parts would go a tremendous performance interference, its consequences without a certain regularity, some tables go fast, go slow and some tables, there will be some strong periodic variations. So when adjusting the watch, you should watch demagnetization treatment, and then adjust to more precise.

(2) Effect of temperature on ignition temperature changes cause changes in the performance of the watch, and this change is due to the mechanical governor and the lubricating oil, the characteristics of the metallic material changes caused. When the temperature changes, according to the lubricating oil viscosity will significantly change. At high temperatures, oil quickly spread not only lost, but also oxidative deterioration and throw hair Rolex Vacheron Constantin watches, thus losing the lubrication flood with; at low temperatures, table oil viscosity increases, not only can not act as a lubricant, but it will also prevent mechanical watches song working. Temperature effects on regulating organ great inertia balance wheel due to thermal expansion and contraction of materials and change the size of gossamer gossamer elasticity also change, so take the time difference is bound to make the watch changes.

Impact <a href="http://www.brand-swiss.com/Cartier-Tank-Solo-watches-267-1.html">Cartier Tank Solo</a> (3) When the humidity in the air is saturated vapor state, these particles formed by the adsorption of water vapor on the balance spring and escapement parts, enough to sport escapement speed lines interfere with the destruction of old When accuracy. Over time, there may be cause parts oxidation, corrosion, and the passage of a direct impact on the life <a href="http://www.brand-swiss.com/Chopard-La-Strada-Watches-288-1.html">Chopard La Strada</a> of machine.

(4) watches barometric pressure and altitude affect the user's geographical location of high and low air pressure, fast j slow walk contrary watches go. But at the same height, the season due to a variety of factors and climate change, the impact of the sun and moon tides, etc., but also make changes in air pressure, which will affect the time to go watch.

The reason pointer is a pointer to fall out of the hole is too large, and thus the wheel tube station with lax when subjected to vibration, the pointer will fall out.

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