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Created by baiyun
When the time hit movies

Taylor loved Bulgari snake

Bulgari family <a href="http://www.swiss-sale.net/replica-watches/Tissot-Watches-42.html">Tissot Watches Replcia </a> from Greece, ancient Greek mythology good draw design inspiration, therefore, the snake <a href="http://www.swiss-sale.net/replica-watches/Rolex-Watches-84.html">Rolex Watches Replcia </a> has become Bulgari design history of the most important elements. In the same time the production of snake jewelry, Bulgari attempt to snake element extends to the watch area, the famous Bulgari snake shaped gold jewelry watches born. Elizabeth Taylor loved Bulgari this snake shaped watch, when it played the famous Cleopatra when Taylor put this Bulgari gold snake belt in hand, Bulgari snake Therefore shaped jewelry watches and famous choose Omega Seamaster 007

Handsome 007 in every task, in addition to awesomeness smile, supple skill, wise judgment, there is an important basic feature that Omega <a href="http://www.swiss-sale.net/replica-watches/Chopard-Watches-10.html">Chopard Watches Replcia </a> Seamaster watch. Professional diving watch for James Bond, even in water can accurately grasp the time. 007 films over the years, James Bond is wearing Omega Seamaster, set the power and elegance of the hippocampus in a series is the perfect choice for 007 Sophie Marceau in Paris Mercure time

Famous French haute couture luxury brand Mercure MATZO PARIS Paris has been very concerned about the art of film, often based on a unit of the market for a period of a famous movie Art Design watch. The proceeds of the sale proceeds watch which will be used for other movies shot with creation. Mercure Paris MATZO PARIS watches this year named watch film art, the French film Fanfan Yin Sufei. Marceau's wonderful interpretation of the French and was named the most youth art film, Sophie Marceau France has thus become a wholly hearts of men the most perfect love object. Mercure Paris MATZO PARIS according Fangfang youthful girl image, into Sophie. Masuo Te some French temperament, designed specifically for the love of a young girl to create watches, and name it FANFAN ', hope With this watch all the girls are as in love as a happy baby charm leader Earl POLO

The Avengers is not just a popular Nick Fury, as well as Earl POLO. Its 18K white gold with a black alligator strap, loading the Earl returned homegrown 880P chronograph movement, this watch POLO thin self-winding movement with a unique dual time zone feature, perfect fit leader Nick Fury played Jackson . The film has an unprecedented grand premiere, Earl very honored to be the Oscar-nominated actor worn.

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