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Created by baiyun
First watch the miracle of Asia Watch Fair

Watch and marvel at the inaugural Asian watch exhibition, thirteen exhibitors showcased several new senior brand watches, but for this event, many brands have brought the world premiere of money and specifically designed for this table show The special section, so many watch enthusiasts and collectors can close appreciation of watchmaking craftsmanship. When addition, Lange also brought two limited edition debut meter, filling the top German watchmaking Lange Lange1TourbillonPerpetualCalendarHandwerkskunst Special Edition

This watch is a complex device with the two most famous brand Lange1 design combined with each other. Handwerkskunst word represents a rich decorative dial and movement. The calendar display artfully arranged on the periphery of the time display, and has a patented outer month, day, week, month, leap year and moon phase display at a glance. Another important design is that all calendar display can be instantly promoted. Relief tourbillon and intermediate wheel attached plywood to build out the entire patented stop seconds tourbillon device. To ensure legible watch, delicate tourbillon device with patented stop-seconds function can only be seen from the bottom side. Solid white dial with 18K gold crafted, this special edition combines rare tremblage more carving and relief techniques. The handmade details are meticulous, but this is the first time in hand-painted Lange way, creating a large calendar display blue number. Limited production of 15 Cartier Cartier and Andy for the first time held a hand in the creation of the movie world premiere exhibition activities during the watch, to witness the birth of a new family member TankMC Tank watch. The new interpretation of video content TankMC watch breakthrough self courageously forward the spirit of the times. In addition to this long 90 seconds of the movie, the audience is more opportunity to enjoy the behind <a href="http://www.your-trusty-time.com/AUDEMARS-PIGUET-MILLENARY-SERIES.html">audemars piguet millenary</a> the scenes footage Cartier watch TankMC

This watch re-interpretation of <a href="http://www.your-trusty-time.com/OMEGA-SPEEDMASTER-SERIES.html">omega speedmaster </a> the famous Cartier Tank series of rectangular shape, almost square dial on top of many of the series inherited the classic aesthetic elements: Glyph guilloche dial, minute track, Roman numerals, etc., filling masculinity. Add a small stopwatch dish even more viewers to truly feel every second of the passage of time. This self-winding watch equipped with Cartier's first self-movement - 1904MC-type movement, through the back, can see the pendulum Tuo operation AudemarsPiguet IWC has focused on the IWC male table, the exhibitors The audience brought the audience the most beautiful moon phase watch, Little Prince can be described as two special edition watches suck enough visitors eye. The Little Prince being a man standing on his little planet gazing starry night sky, the moon is the image of the little prince decorated quite vivid IWC Big Pilot Perpetual Calendar watch The Little Prince Special Edition (red gold)

Large Pilot Perpetual Calendar watch The Little Prince special edition for the first time will bring out the classic phase IWC Big Pilot IWC watches shown. In addition to moon phase part, on the watch chain engraved oscillating weight on the first edition of the original title LEPETITPRINCE. In addition, this new special edition watch also includes powerful features, with Buhler Dayton automatic chain system on the IWC and 7 days power reserve a table homemade 51613-type movement, with day, week, month and four-digit year calendar as the world's sole founding family still (Audemars and Piguet family of two) in charge of the Haute Horlogerie brands displayed, Audemars Piguet to us to its origins in the ground - the Swiss Jura valley ValledeJoux hinterland, with the hope that more of the world Share deep roots in advanced watchmaking and craftsmanship Audemars Piguet Millenary Minute Repeater watch

He is completely independent from the idea of ​​love, the development and production of a new manual-winding mechanical drive minute repeater watch, equipped with an oval case and highlight the precise and complex motion of Audemars Piguet escapement, two balance springs, as well as play spring mechanism and three-dimensional structure of rings. Its dual spring system has many advantages: to ensure that the potential imbalance defect automatic compensation; do not need to gossamer end of the so-called Breguet balance spring curve and avoid inaccuracies caused when the watch is in a vertical position, without resorting to a complex device. Have the power to save up to 7 days RichardMille

On the Watch Fair, RichardMille to face brand of the world, presented in front of everyone, so that visitors as exposure to the brand's historic core, and witness the brand's iconic works. In addition, RichardMille also brought for the first time at the 2013 Watch Fair launch new, RM26 01 pandas Tourbillon watch, so that visitors can experience the advanced watches and jewelry craft the perfect combination of top-RM26 01 Panda Tourbillon wrist table

This watch will blend panda with tourbillon movement. Panda 18K white gold engraving and Qianman diamonds and black sapphires. As part of a panda Tourbillon movement, like being in a natural environment for the growth in <a href="http://www.your-trusty-time.com/BREITLING-CHRONOMATIC.html">Breitling Chronomatic</a> general. The new RM26 01 Tourbillon movement of plate processing machine is made of black onyx. This watch will be fully Haute Horlogerie and top jewelry craft the perfect combination. Baume Mercier watch show as a guest on the show since its 1830 inception, has always aestheticism, only the finest quality watch manufacturing concept. This watch today's show the world once again Mercier watchmaking as the seventh largest of the oldest brands in the manufacture of precision watches aspects of complex owned craftsmanship.

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