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Created by baiyun
Watches and straw hat

In 1905, a small town in Bavaria, people <a href="http://www.brand-swiss.com/Hublot-Big-Bang-38mm-Watches.html">Hublot Big Bang 38mm </a> do not know a watchmaker called Rumsfeld, as he has done a very good watch, not only waterproof and automatic. This message is a city called the watchmaker Hans Wilsdorf know, so he hurried to find Rumsfeld, and saw that he was surprised by the pure hand-made watches over, Hans said:. Mr. Rumsfeld I want to hire you to come when my company technical director, how?  No, Rumsfeld refused, I was not affected by the immediate point of interest, and give up their pursuit, my ideal is to develop a models of the world's best rolex <a href="http://www.brand-swiss.com/breitling-colt-watches.html">colt m1911</a> watches come.

Rumsfeld's idea actually so close with Hans, Hans did not think it was, if Rumsfeld refused to adhere to the company, Hans worked, then once Rumsfeld before Hans developed out of that watches, Hans companies will threatened as never before how to do? At Hans had no good when he suddenly get such a message: Rumsfeld in the development of replica watch also cater to business straw hat, Hans assistant to Rumsfeld ordered immediate whereabouts hat assistant Hans inexplicable asked: You To his watchmaking technology is that you do not order his watch, have ordered his straw hat, I do not understand what you mean, Hans said with a smile: If the price of a straw hat over a watch worth , Rumsfeld also watch their efforts to develop it?

Sure enough, Rumsfeld after receiving orders straw hat decided to watch things develop temporarily put off, and go to working towards a straw hat. In this way, Hans developed as soon as possible for their win breitling watches registration and time to market. He gave that section has a waterproof and <a href="http://www.brand-swiss.com/Breitling-Professional-Watches.html">Professional Watches</a> automatic functions breitling watches named Rolex. When Rolex watches and quickly occupied the entire market, and become the world brand, Hans backyard before pointing to the courtyard of the hat which told Rumsfeld that his works. Rumsfeld came to understand this time is too late. read other: beauty and watch the difference between quartz and mechanical watches painting watch

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