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Created by baiyun
Watches and Sports

Bedi / Man Kam <a href="http://www.swiss-sale.net/replica-watches/Tudor-Watches-74.html">Tudor Watches Replcia </a> table to officials may be asked for coffee, not a big problem for athletes Kam table. A few days ago the Olympic men's singles final, Li Yongbo wearing a Hublot Hublot Big

Bang whole series of black and red, really eye-catching. Later, netizens posted photos of lindane in an interview, said that the Audemars

Audemars Piguet's. Oh, anxious Hublot Hublot, the King Power UNICO obviously own all-black series ah Hublot combined with sport very closely, Bolt and Wade are the spokesmen, and specific areas of Youyi football Sheng. Timing is the official World Cup Hublot Maradona Hublot with both left and right. Manchester United last month to go to Shanghai for the Hublot watch a fashion show, this two-day Juventus to Beijing and Hublot also signed an endorsement deal. To know Eredivisie Bundesliga Bayern and Ajax are also sponsored by Hublot, the next La Liga and Ligue find a club and then each would live together Europe's top five leagues. I checked, it seems there is no official watch sponsor of Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain should not be difficult when it comes to winning football club Manchester City two days in Beijing also signed a watch sponsor is Richard

Mille, magic bird Mourinho also this endorsement. This is Jackie's favorite brand, so Jackie Chan also appeared at the event with the football club currently watch brands marriage really small, Barcelona is sponsored by Seiko, and some did not expect. AC Milan's costume from the Dolce

Gabbana sponsorship, now pushing their own high-end watches DG certainly put AC Milan to the package. Nerazzurri Inter Milan does not seem to watch sponsor, taking into account shares of China Railway Construction, one of China's four top clubs can participate watches so few, not to look for the national team. IWC IWC watches designed for the German team, but unfortunately was not able to create the European Cup finals. Parmigiani <a href="http://www.swiss-sale.net/replica-watches/Jaquet-Droz-Watches-62.html">Jaquet Droz Watches Replcia </a> Parmigiani signed with the Brazilian Football Federation will continue into early 2015 sponsorship agreement, to see whether the 2014 World Cup hosts Brazil can win, so that does not make sense to sponsor Audemars Piguet said before, although lindane did not wear, But first football and basketball star Lionel Messi <a href="http://www.swiss-sale.net/replica-watches/GC-Watches-76.html">GC Watches Replcia </a> and LeBron James are the Audemars Piguet's spokesperson, and have launched a limited edition watch. Compared to C Lo endorsement is Timeforce, there are some big differences but no small risk spokesperson election, Franck please speak little magic bird Boas, reward their European Cup win in Porto when achievement. Unfortunately, after a season at Chelsea midway laid off, although regain pointer at Tottenham, but the club away from the front line when there is selected from Zenith Zenith speak Spanish coach Vicente del Bosque is not bet wrong, but how many people are concerned about wearing coach What Harry table is a big problem

Winston-election endorsement Cannavaro, plus 06 World Cup FIFA World Player of the hero is a legend. As Tissot Tissot Owen always staying 14 consecutive years of cooperation, one can only believe that love does exist.

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