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Created by baiyun
Anhui corrupt prey fierce bidding auction buyer bids for the gifts

Auction General Assembly is not uncommon, but when sitting prosecutor's staff monitoring, are the subject of the auction true corrupt booty?

Recently, a corrupt auction LowProfileBeute conference in Hefei, Anhui province, which reflects the relative social beings was held, thoughtful ......

7500 yuan, 7500 yuan a quote ...... last time quote ...... well! Which of the ivory craft your a fan 29 January morning, former Vice-Governor of Anhui Wang Huaizhong Province 6 people plunder the auction more than 300 buyers came from across the country came to participate, the scene of fierce bidding in the auction the day reporters came to see the scene, the spacious hall was filled with people who look forward to a whole beat is the brain. Previously, in a prominent position in the auction, the note at the specially marked written: Due to limited space can not enter more than three auction platform each certificate for the auction. Buyers like in the Auction posters, and sometimes participate in a subject of the auction, but there are two, three on the same posters, all the commandments have the path increase. Gone In particular, the following points are 200 yuan, according to the <a href="http://www.your-trusty-time.com/BELL-ROSS-BR-01-46MM-SERIES.html">BELL & ROSS 46MM </a> provisions posters fare is $ 10 each, but a lot of people directly  as well as dozens of dollars on the hundred. In the auction, the paintings, jade antiques wanted, is not selling rate almost to zero: a bracelet in two broken recordings from the reserved price, and finally to 20 yuan price of the transaction; Pieces of Chinese calligraphers current chairman Zhang Word of the sea , photographed 20,000 yuan from 500 yuan, determined to win the bidder also outraged fighting championship; There is no group of framed paintings, fetched the highest price of 40,000 yuan audience very unusual. normal. Speaking of scenes so intense, tender, says an experienced Henan bidder. He told reporters that his country had participated in the auction, the auction as much electricity the theme of the event that the buyer usually be very careful, because this situation today, probably because this time to the pursuit of more people , it really is competently talk less Despite the disappointment, the tenderer is on the auction <a href="http://www.your-trusty-time.com/BREITLING-CHRONOMATIC.html">Breitling Lemania Working </a> ready Henan too much. The reporter learned that he and his companions had in this auction competes more than 20 pieces of the subject, held a thick stack of documents in the hand and then a look at the other bidders, identity, and for different purposes, but it is with the same place would confront as still holds, partially obscured As a reporter, some fears. Who has to be named, from Shandong result bidder that this came to Hefei and ran, the former deputy governor of Anhui Wang Huaizhong province, the name of its head, the feeling in his loot some good things should let So be friends him come specially from Shandong auction. My friend is a leader, convenient access to stolen property auctions, he asked me to come to bid., He said. It is reported that the buyers of Shandong jade, calligraphy, etc. 9 Huang Zhou target price bought ivory craft fan from a male buyer of 7,500 yuan starting price of 1,200 yuan is vaguely expressed high bidder got this craft fan is to send it, even if it is damaged prey, but on the goods or value for money Hefei citizens, who participated in the auction, told reporters that the auction of stolen goods, because New Year approached, buy one, go back to the guide, sometimes to do something, not the meaning of meaning, I'm afraid not, Anyway, do not know Wang Huaizhong leaders to plunder the.

Organizer: No reception interview

It is understood that the stolen goods auction is involved in Anhui Swag auction relevant organizations most of the time, the people involved, including former Vice-Governor of Anhui Wang Huaizhong Province, Xiaozuo Xin former mayor of Fuyang City, Anhui Province Party Committee, former Deputy Secretary Li, former vice mayor Wang Hanqing Huaibei City, the former deputy mayor Zhao Zengjun Xuancheng, Mengcheng former county party secretary Sun Wen and other six holes corrupt officials. Auction booty includes the proceeds of bribery and his wife Wang Huaizhong rings, earrings, paintings, mink coat, jade, Xiaozuo Xin and his wife with the Golden Buddha, bronze tripod, ivory fan, and Lee and on the proceeds of the bribery Wang Hanqing et al article computer , printers, scanners, color TV, high-end fleet and other auction auction in the early morning of 27 began previews, exhibition two days, but up to 29 Auction has the auction in a lowkey, the authorities carried out tight-lipped about the situation of the auction, uniform external not receive an interview, Reporter Cai Yi, general manager of the interview instead of auction to make arrangements for the specific national security AnhuiAuktionshaus. He told reporters that although the company is a public property auction designated state government authority, but over the years focused as seized a large stolen auction for the first time, after only a few isolated Swag auction, less involved, and the subject of the auction Incomplete goods. The minimum price for the auction problem of stolen goods, he said the prosecutor provided directly to invite Dealing with process experts to assess the value of the case, at the auction of view, I think the pricing is quite appropriate, in accord with the value of the original, but also to meet our auction laws list: booty, how dirty?

In the auction site, and constantly seems on some of the calligraphy and painting projector projection: ethical, shoulders bear justice, spring cleaning and other collections on top of the projector to hang out with a 2027 Anhui Provincial People's Procuratorate involved stolen Auction words red flags. If there is no such a special occasion, who would believe, honest and upright official Lian Li warning saying, they were stolen by corrupt officials involved in the case, but also attracted the corrupt into the water and sugar-coated bullets and eventually became corrupted evidence of bribes in the list of special auctions, jade class 56, including the starting price of 80 yuan agate necklace in half jade bracelet unrestricted auction starting price of 2,500 yuan and nephrite jade Guanyin Jade fractured fairy, jade figures, jade tea, jade incense burner, etc.; KalligraphieKlasse maximum to reach 270, including all kinds of famous ancient and modern paintings that are not sold from a group of 89 paintings for 6750 yuan price highest price of 40,000 spectators are framed yuan; Watches Class 41, a starting price of 650,000 yuan Rolex watches are not buyers, as well as to find two brand names that clock turned out to be wrong, necklaces, bracelets, rings and other gold items 237 class; Besides arts and crafts, wine class, appliances and other noteworthy that the number of calligraphy classes so much that this auction is not only no significant Swag dirty, but also quite different elegant atmosphere. Such cases are called: Ya bribe is interesting is that depending on the industry assesses these 80 paintings and calligraphies are fakes. Nevertheless, the success rate of transaction KalligraphieKlasse is exceptionally high, almost every piece of the auction posters are two, three or more times. In this regard, painting cattle marked dealer commented: The officer who really know too little about calligraphy and painting, arty too many people, I have so many times in the auction of stolen goods, but most of the pictures are fakes. Today in this auction will be no exception.

Swag auction: Another form of anti-corruption warning education.

The reporter learned that the people in the form of most of the stolen goods auction and confirmed positive comments from No Reserve auction of jewelry pendant, to 65 million in Rolex watches, PreAusstellungsräume dazzling, almost the illusion of a supermarket exposure. Auction prey varieties of diverse reflects a corrupt officials of the fallen road map: from a bottle of liquor, a jewelry, the value of BRICMillionen gold statues, these small to large, the lowest to the highest bid of stolen property, with the most direct way to corruption outlines the process is a big shock some people brought their children to education forward position to get games. Chen to help recently retired civil servants, the country is feeling. Seeing these people through life, ah, unhappy at the end of corruption and death, wives and children, at the end

Many bidders said publicly, receiving stolen goods not only for the majority of leading cadres is awake, but also so that people understand the relevant departments of the corrupt loot is, how to treat, so that the people who, with the operation of the judicial system which reflected the work of the judiciary feel familiar transparent and open, the right to know the people, makes, can be used as a new form of government will be issues. Painting marked cattle dealers said.

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