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Anhui Channel News

Pregnant women, people all right, but the hand she wore a Rolex watch is broken, worth more than 10 million, police said, the two sides have a responsibility

Hanshan little strong electric bicycle with the same eight months pregnant Xiaoying collided, fortunately doctors confirmed Xiaoying not right, but unfortunately a small British wore a value of more than $ 100,000 Rolex watches in the collision repair corrupted expensive at 13:14 clock on 26 September alone Little Britain in Hanshan City Huayang Road cycling street markets, with strong drive small electric car takes grazing, the incident Xiaoqiang Xiaoying pregnant and dared not sloppy, to see rushed to her hospital for a comprehensive exam to take, examination showed a small, but fortunately did not cause illness in the UK, but Xiaoying said that he is worth more than $ 100,000 Rolex watch was broke. Pregnant women are afraid to hit into a cold sweat, <a href="http://www.brand-swiss.com/Tag-Heuer-Monaco-Watches-151-1.html">Tag Heuer Monaco</a> I did not expect that pregnant women actually wear a clock, the face of the watch repair costs a lot of money, Xiaoqiang suddenly out of Hanshan police followed the transfer of the problems sections of video surveillance, berwachungs clear recovery the situation of the incident: The small British Done while you riding on the shoulders of his pocket, riding and Xiaoqiang electric car, behind the car with two people, two in cycling when they met together in parallel, there are both police handling the case told reporters, injuries, Xiaoying wearing a Rolex watch is a number in the surrounding soil friction scratches, said Xiaoying watches worth more than $ 100,000 through various channels, they confirmed that this table is a real police by two due to the large losses caused <a href="http://www.brand-swiss.com/Panerai-Ferrari-Scuderia-watches-117-1.html">Panerai Ferrari Scuderia </a> the accident, the police are investigating the accident as soon as possible be made for the loss of the <a href="http://www.brand-swiss.com/Panerai-Radiomir-watches-119-1.html">Panerai Radiomir </a> two sides, the price department to find assessment, then divide borne by the parties in an accident compensation under the responsibility if mediation fails Xiaoying directly bring a civil action to the court. (Text characters are not his real name) (Zhu Lili reporters Jinxue Yong)

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