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Created by baiyun
Anhui auction corrupt booty upset a Qianlong Emperor shoot 42 times

LOT, with from the former vice governor of Anhui Wang Huaizhong province, former mayor of Fuyang, etc. stolen 7 corrupt officials of the auction of items from <a href="http://www.swiss-sale.net/replica-watches/Audemars-Piguet-Watches-3.html">Audemars Piguet Watches Replcia </a> 676 former vice governor of Anhui Wang Huaizhong Province, Xiaozuo Xin former mayor of Fuyang City, Anhui Politikund Legal Committee province the former deputy secretary Li, the former deputy mayor of the city declared Zhaozeng 7 June corrupt officials involved in the case, such as stolen goods. Starting price from a few dollars ten dollars to several thousand dollars. There jade, jewelry, celebrity pictures, watches, gold Buddha, pearl horses and household appliances. Auction agencies will <a href="http://www.swiss-sale.net/replica-watches/Movado-Watches-26.html">Movado Watches Replcia </a> categorize these stolen goods, jade, calligraphy, watches, gold, <a href="http://www.swiss-sale.net/replica-watches/Jaeger-LeCoultre-Watches-22.html">Jaeger LeCoultre Watches Replcia </a> crafts, wine, electrical appliances, the other eight categories. The numbered in a pressure KalligraphieKlasse auction price 243 is only $ 2.00. The highest auction price is a Rolex watch, this number is 365 numbers starting base price of a Rolex watch Rolex watches is also a 65,000 yuan, starting base price of 49,000 followed. However, the number of 667 numbers is a brown fur coat up to 32,000 yuan or so some people Tut amazing content () analyze cost end 0ms!

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