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Created by baiyun
Chapter IX rebellious bones

After listening to me say Na happily smiled and kissed me ten when I ran into the bathroom to release my parents were a bit like Na drunk, stumbled from the bathroom wash finished Na to Today, in front of me to ask what color to wear good clothes? I put it bluntly set of pink dress, that Na fair-skinned, delicate, very suitable for light red, light red clothing to wear on the body as a Juan Na Li Na rose for listening to my praise carried away, Also exceptionally kissed me ten next moment, then ran to change clothes. Oh, I feel really happy today, the day after to are like this, not happy to die ah!

I like Christine Vina, Na is anthomaniac often than his own and flowers. Chinese rose in full bloom during the spring and autumn <a href="http://www.your-trusty-time.com/BELL-ROSS-BR-01-46MM-SERIES.html">BELL & ROSS 46MM </a> every year, I often would go to my father's unit under the fold of various colors, blooming rose flowers into a specimen to prepare for when Na please give as a gift Na regulate emotional entanglements Chinese rose alias spent four seasons , month and red, your monthly spend, month open, periwinkle, flowers month, Rosaceae rose dried flowers erect dwarf shrubs original plant morphology. Branchlets stout and slightly hooked prickles or unarmed. Mainly produced in Jiangsu, Hubei, Shandong, Hebei, Beijing, Tianjin and other places in bloom, the flowers were multiple petals, petals of red, pink, yellow, white, or rose, is very tender and lovely. It was large flowers, hairy petals, tall stretched out Cuiye outside, from afar like a fairy dancing especially in recent years to develop new varieties of rose perfume sporadic bursts of flowers, people calm demeanor elegance , experienced man sorrow. Chinese rose not only with qi stagnation, peace of mind repose effect. Indications also rose for insomnia and other symptoms of many colors, especially in the years cultivated hybrids, it is mouthwatering. I look around for a different color rose for footprints, and then as a gift Na at my suggestion, Na room is white, pale pink bedspread, curtains are yellow, I gave her all kinds of dolls and furry animal ornaments are decorations on a white cupboard but I emphasis on pale red, Na birthday every year, I will let parents give Donna a pink dress nine o'clock Donna's parents sat back to their car This home in Tianjin, Na Na's father gave a women's super-luxury bike, gave me a Swiss-made Rolex watches Na jealously looked at me, I feel his father patriarchal. Each time we were sent back to his father abroad gift, my gift is always precious times better than Na Na's mother returned from abroad to give both of us a gift, basically very fair. She will give Donna a suit skirt suit, gave me a suit Donna's father to take us to the beach to see the sea, the Pro on the car I was put on the violin Na, Na unhappy stared at me, want to loudly tell me na hate most in life is to play the violin in front of their parents, I pretended not to see the Na Dengyuan eyes, just tell uncle, said Donna recently pulled violin is very nice, uncle look with appreciation the eyes Na, <a href="http://www.your-trusty-time.com/AUDEMARS-PIGUET-AP-SPECIAL-LIMITED-ED.html">Audemars Piguet Montoya</a> and aunt whispered a few words, after Aunt Donna's father nodded happily Little Uncle Liu letting the driver drove to my house, connected to mom and dad, little Uncle Liu drove spent nearly an hour with us Tianjin Port to the Ferry Terminal, came to the sea in that moist, sea spray flying on. A playful waves like a naughty, spit bubbles splashing waves beating on the shore like a girl lovingly kissed Na foot, and shamefacedly licking Qunjiao Na, Na excited to crouch down, stretched out with countless hands around it condenses into water droplets by the cool waves and then happily holding the hands of the waves and then returned to its mother, Donna excitedly grabbed me around the coast running and shouting in silver sparkling on the waves of the sea, there are a few white seagull, leisurely to fly with. Perhaps alarmed by the sound of our arrival, they looked at us with a difference in the eyes on the coast, circling in the water after a few laps, was disturbed with the Huangkong wings and flew to the deep sea gulls, coward, you are no Swallow guts. Na loud seagulls flew toward the direction of rap with these few timid seagull in vitality surging, the stormy sea. Like a wave down the Tigers, roared a wave after wave slapping the shore like an ulterior motive westerly ranks <a href="http://www.your-trusty-time.com/BREITLING-AVENGER-SEAWOLF.html">Breitling Avenger Seawolf</a> python want to conquer the waves, brave the waves do not yield ranking python gripping it perseverance, the courage to struggle . Steadfast in upholding the waves and it's better to die, not guns of ethical personality, let me whom ecstasy, visibly moved at the waves rolling in on this sea, a few brave flying petrels, they circled the waves The sky, the yield was afraid to cheer station and saw the waves while diving petrels, while rallying to fly, as if inspired by the waves move forward. Faced with this spectacle Jeanne remembered Gorky Swallow. Donna stood on the shore, loudly recite the Swallow desperately to surf and petrels refueling. Her parents were stunned Na manners it!

They would not think of how, normally in front of them a very quiet little princess, how would become such a crazy wild child do?

Only my parents know best na half crazy character, they were afraid of embarrassing uncle face, motioned me to the violin Na, so she pulled some tunes, but also to good parents embarrassing ease Na Na, not crazy, I mentioned violin ran in front of her, I did not see your father's face is hard to see it? '

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