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Created by baiyun
Chapter IX first date

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The next half past six p.m., Lee Soo bathing dress finished, Street went to the beauty of the car about. Row upon row of shops on the Strand, and all of them the same ancient style, red carved windows, the white stone walls, do not have a sense of humor. And the door of each store have put a different statue, Lee Soo still love mighty stone lions. Here is the economic center of the entire Kitayama, not only to attract tourists from around the travel, but the city is also a favorite of the people here spending.

The Han Han lived in Seaview apartment in Whitehorse street, the city center is quite far away from it, where the houses are affordable, and it's somewhat far. Lee Soo thinking while driving, a fake boyfriend think of this unheard of word, weird smells on his heart, he found it difficult to accept the one hand, on the one hand and felt a little shameless Han Han.

But, with whimsical, want to deceive her, he completely surrendered. Who he Yurenbushu, and self-righteous promise of it early on. Really shooting itself in the foot ah. But to help people to help in the end, he was dedicated to want to play well this so-called fake boyfriend. My heart still secretly imagination, perhaps Jiaxizhenzuo.

The street is very lively at night, Lee Soo alone get off to a century-old old Phoenix, ordered a diamond brooch. Went to the department store, buy a Rolex watch a latest. Finally, do not forget to bring a Han Han's sister valuable porcelain vase.

Street drove specially to flowers, buy a special purple tulips, shop attendants with a special eye to see if he could feel his peculiar taste it. In fact, he did not know why Han Han like purple tulips, instead of blooming roses. Can only say that she is particularly interested in it. Lee Soo, you do not have to, ah, my mother in reminders.

Lee Soo Through the window, I saw Han Han far stood in the doorway, white dress, a blue scarf. Hair tie a high ponytail. Black high heels, upright posture. Lee Soo Choi Heleyisheng secretly in my heart, that this temperament Yu legs, even to the entertainment mix, it must have burgeoned bully.

According to his understanding, Han Han is too low-key people, ten days there, she will be out of a door, and not go to the supermarket is to go to the farms. He felt that there could be fast-paced city this woman, not shopping, shopping, do not look at gossip magazines.

Lee Soo stopped the car, Han Han knocked on the window, a silent simply said: Oh, 20 minutes late, but I deduct wages! Lee Soo Han Han elated to see the way the music can not help it. Slowly roll down the window, Lee Soo will be handed her a handful of tulips, facing Han Han revealing even teeth, perfect smile. Then he took the gifts ready to get off, I suddenly heard a loud shrieking Han Han:. I do not give reimbursement.

Lee Soo chuckle, he dignified prince of a country, where it would find a woman reimbursement. But Han Han's face in his hands to see beautifully wrapped gift, the look has become exceptionally pale. He seems to be able to see the eyes of Han Han's cropped up raging anger, it is a hate their indisputable eyes.

Lee Soo footsteps have been scared off paused, Han Han's entire face though pale, but his face was wearing bright smile. She slowly approached him, silent, eyes that can be hacked in pieces of him. Then Lee Soo positive thought when he could not get out, he would not autonomous trembling, said: ? I got an invoice, or else, back up.

Just finished, and he can not wait to bite off his own tongue. This is His Royal Highness the Prince say it, of course not, he should completely in just two days into real ice Elementary businessman Xiu, listen, words and more scrubby. He could not help but sigh, hey, hey.

Han Han then hand calm down in a faint voice said:. Buy and buy, next time do not bring any gifts, and these gifts even my money, anyway, what parents usually do not give a gift Xiu startled, Han Han confident taste kind words, but his hand a valuable gift, ah, Han Han should not be able to afford.

Lee Soo In fact, today was deliberate, he obviously has to understand the causes and consequences of things, but he still wants to imply that Han Han himself was not her boyfriend online solicitation. So, Lee Soo immediately interrupted her and said:. Miss Han Han, I suppose I send you.

Han Han heard, carefully looked at Lee Soo look, pretending not seem polite. Han Han thinking to myself, this man looks and grace, the dress seems on the material. Looks handsome, is their recent blossoming fruit trees, and how to meet things, a strange than one. First sentimental man mask men under heaven sent, then the evil intent of this looks pretty handsome man, the great love of God, you too favored me, it's fake online boyfriend also really generous ah.

? You live on the sixth floor, do not feel inconvenient to you, Han Han asked: ? How do you know what my family in high places, Lee Soo momentary slip of the tongue, could not help a little embarrassed, then confessed: I am looking for someone to ask too. Han Han listened, some could not help but smile, uh, he looks to see big burly, not afraid online scams. Then you turn to ask ah? Lee Soo did not elaborate and said:. Kitayama on a friend, Han Han side head thought and said, How do I know it is just another day I'm going to invite him to dinner, a good understanding. so concerned about my friend.

Lee Soo heard, could not help but cold sweat dripping. The so-called friend is Kitayama diplomats, in fact, national private ice intelligence chief. He can not imagine that between Han Han and ruthless people what communication. This one is Enchanting beauty, one thousand years of antiques, the two men together in a room, and is definitely an anti-modern art.

Lee Soo could not dry chuckle: Han Han Miss you really humorous! Han Han noticed his polite tone, could not resist:. Wrong, call me like Han Hey, you too are not dedicated it, act You want to play you off my boyfriend, how so polite ah, you should not have never talked to a girlfriend, I said you voice hardly ever, a hug Lee Soo Han Han, Han Han literally kissed on the cheek . Then raised his eyebrows and smiles: Dear Han, you can be satisfied?

Han Han half narrowed his eyes, and replied: ! Reluctantly it, Lee Soo silence, hands a little chewy but big, tough half the Han Han dragged his arms. Han Han and a half against Lee Soo, smiled, held out his hand and touched Xiu chest. Like a very enjoyable like.

The two men out of affectionate, like a pair of happy lover. Can secretly each other secretly in the heart of determination must not throw in the towel, so called not lose the input array, so that the two would dearly but awkward on the floor.

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