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Created by baiyun
Chapter IX castrate him right

Yihong Yu as a three from the four virtues of a good student, has always been a social and moral lashing themselves to national law as the criterion, then abide by the rules just like underwear as paragons of chastity, when been to the police station ah. And <a href="http://www.swiss-sale.net/replica-watches/Dewitt-Watches-55.html">Dewitt Watches Replcia </a> still so valiantly dash sat police came, Boy, the place to get off it. Police car, a small, hand Yeguo hat aside and opened the door, Brother, I'm a victim, ah, also I have to grasp how come? Yihong Yu looked a little unnatural, after all, the first time in life, and now the Internet what the police at every turn of events appeared that he really is the heart of this place is guilty of fear victim by how the? victims also have the obligation to provide us with things through, and quickly, do not ink. said the policeman from the police on hand to top pulled down Yihong Yu just get off, you see another also opened a bus came off the which they are used to help kill Wu Yunfeng still looked Yihong Yu Yi Hongyu go after, it was taken directly to the interrogation room, the fact of the matter is also very simply an assault incident, in fact, the police are like most people these things, fine money, and then solve it, broke both sides to see if there is public, or compounding, basically on the case get away, and then they can earn the money to finish remember to transcripts, a few police on duty took him to put the Sun Mazi As long they are led away to someone over the gang in the community above There will always be behind the mixing several patron, such a small thing to spend money will be solved, after all, no one was injured Yihong Yu did not directly come from the police back to school, but to his previous work with a bar, after all, been to be considered today buddy Bureau Son, and his life in this first broke, how they have to celebrate, Whoops, Kohane how come today? sister night I give you a glass of spirits tune , then how do you like <a href="http://www.swiss-sale.net/replica-watches/Jaeger-LeCoultre-Watches-22.html">Jaeger LeCoultre Watches Replcia </a> to eat? the bartender at the bar to see came, suddenly joked Princess Sister, you're not drive my joke, you do not know who is the flower of mouth people, from freshman to senior year and now I have graduated, you eat every day, I say, no one is really. Yihong Yu Baji Baji mouth and said, baby hairs, hair no longer flush it, but also learn molested sister? Yihong Yu mouth to his sister princess throw a wink and said, I'm feeling you molested me enough to fight back? Princess Ai Hongyu staring at his chest and said Give triple day guarantee Tonight you than eating three tablets blue pill has passion. princess to put a bar above the three colors cocktail glass and said Princess Sister, <a href="http://www.swiss-sale.net/replica-watches/Jacob-Co-Watches-21.html">Jacob & Co Watches Replcia </a> I found that I did not come for two months, how big a change you? than looking for men steal it? Yihong Yu pointed to his chest two lump meat princess said, my sister is looking for you to come forward, but you have no time to talk to me ah, we can only find wild men solve myself . Having also giggle smiles tenderly up, and chest along with two lump meat is scurrying up and down up and down Yihong Yu looked at things, the nose and feel uncomfortable, and yesterday his home in Chiang Han to the So, today was also so lure. confusion, really a bit much of the chick, looking for a man resolved to find my brother is not on the line, but also need them so much trouble? Just Yihong Yu contemplating how to fight back when suddenly appeared at his side a man's voice, I said buddy, looks like you dig someone else's corner not very authentic, right? sister does not know this yet now I'm soaked it? Yihong Yu Then reach for the glass to drink a cup of wine, but it almost did not go on a wine choke him to death, this spicy wine that ah, not just hot, but also red nose, hard to swallow, and the stomach than drinking that sixty degrees Shaodao Zi also uncomfortable indeed really fuckin triple days, youngster back home in front of your sister Cang pipe line and go, would like to soak woman, shabby that you like? the man finished, inadvertently put their wrist stretched out, exposing the inside of a Rolex watch, I am the grass, you really wealthy brother, wearing a Rolex, real or fake?, I heard our side of the pedestrian street, ten dollars three, also one year warranty , to exchange electronic., if the screen is broken, you give him three dollars, and he gave you for a new piece. said Yi Hongyu astonished to see that look in princess inside the bar, finally endure live laugh like a man react Yihong Yu is also quipped that he, suddenly angry, Boy, you court death. shouted the hands of blackjack should go according Yihong Yu's face splashed I do not court death to me, is you. Yihong Yu finished took the lead in the hands of the cup in a man's step splashed his face, then saw the man's quilt came toward their side, with the hands the bottom of the quilt severely hit at the bottom of each cup.

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