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Created by baiyun
American tanks Cartier Cartier Tank Americane

American tanks using Tank Cintree curved case, but with a smaller rectangular case, the vertical sides is not so smooth, rounded corners are more sides level has also been softened. Tanks in the United States between acute and rounded corners, straight lines and curves, smooth and chiseled corner, skilled and swim more than the overall edge in interactive applications, called the new generation of Cartier's tradition of praise for the American tanks horizontal and vertical the proportion is closer to the axis, so even than Tank Chinois into a square, but watches over the corner of the new round, so it looks bigger, stronger, and its main technical performance exactly matches; This is Cartier's first Surface waterproof watches, Cartier also means the watch factory has advanced a step further forward. American tanks also came with a 1988 Cartier folding buckle, showing the Cartier jewelry industry cut tabs, better to watch very carefully to deal with all parts of the character. Generally considered strong is the adjective that best define the American tanks are designed and communicated <a href='http://www.your-trusty-time.com/AUDEMARS-PIGUET-ARNOLD-LIMITED-EDN.html'>audemars piguet arnold</a> to the technical content, it looks rugged case full of confidence, as if silently affirm your strengths. Such characteristics are lining together a crumbling 1990s the Reagan Doctrine, generations return <a href='http://www.your-trusty-time.com/BELL-ROSS-BR-39MM-MODELS.html'>BELL & ROSS BR 39MM models</a> to the basic values ​​of the trend, a whole generation began to pursue a stable, just a decade ago with the fanatical contrast the past 80 years, worn Tank watch people do not count their number, even experienced many times in human history and culture changes, Tank lining can always watch together a variety of ways of life and atmosphere. Tank original design concept is a sophisticated watch, but its taste is incomparable restraint and refinement, in a go beyond beauty, people do not feel fully show off the ingredients. It is elegant shapes, <a href='http://www.your-trusty-time.com/AUDEMARS-PIGUET-RUBEN-BARACELLO-LIMITED-EDN.html'>audemars piguet ruben barricello</a> lines and simple beauty of geometry, can be used with almost any occasion, any clothing that everyone can make a different interpretation of the Tank watch: a symbol of status and achievement, reflecting the refined culture, modern aesthetic or Characterization is retro, totally depending on the wearer may be, on this point, Tank watch indeed done on the wearer's wrist to show the true life force timepiece model.

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