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Created by baiyun
Cartier altar in China

According to Voice of the economy world company reported in the first quarter of this year, the major luxury brands, is a test. But in the past year, the number of stores of this brand is already reduced by 10, and the product quality and service levels are criticized, the complaints of its growing number of Chinese consumers Cartier is a French manufacturer of watches and jewelry, the founder of in 1847, is now a subsidiary of the Swiss <a href='http://www.brand-swiss.com/Tag-Heuer-Link-ladies-Watches--149-1.html'>Tag Heuer Link ladies</a> Richemont. Because of this brand is the Queen's royal jeweler European countries, so as the emperor's jewelers, jewelers Emperor. In the eyes of Chinese consumers, Cartier words is representative of the high-end consumer: Cartier particularly high, especially expensive price because it has its own very unique design. For example, I bought the LOVELOVE hand ring, other brands do not. Abroad cheaper than domestic, nothing else is not the same as the data shows, <a href='http://www.brand-swiss.com/Tag-Heuer-Monaco-Watches-151-1.html'>Tag Heuer Monaco</a> Cartier put ads in China ranked first in the major luxury, but a lot of advertising and numerous stores, but led to decline in brand value, because it and luxury in itself contrary to the scarcity of property. Consumers think that this brand can not get to the point where the consumer is filled: If are like Intime, starlight what I think is normal does not matter, if the open filled, feeling a little foreign trade plunges Dean of the University Quality Institute wealth of our economy, Zhou Ting told reporters that in recent years in China Cartier is very <a href='http://www.brand-swiss.com/Panerai-Radiomir-watches-119-1.html'>Panerai Radiomir Watches</a> good, but it has to smell the taste of the crisis Zhou Ting: Overall, Cartier jewelry in China is doing field success. Marketing from the market, in terms of consumer awareness and market share, Cartier is one of China's most successful jewelry brand marketing. However, it is because the number of stores compared to other brands in terms of the most, developing very rapidly in China, a wide network rollout than other jewelry brands. It enjoyed a result of market feedback, but with the expansion of the store brand value in the expansion and consumer awareness of the decline. When the number reaches three digits brand stores when the brand is a danger signal in terms of its brand value is not proportional to a certain extent, but the development of reverse development, they will affect its future development . Cartier stores now reduced marketing is not seen a major problem, but in order to enhance brand reputation, in order to develop long-term position in the Chinese market, allowing it to further enhance consumer awareness of the Chinese consumer services need to be upgraded, so To shut shop, do the upgrading of existing stores Forum Interview debate microblogging SNS

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