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Created by baiyun
230,000 Cartier watches waterproof watch complained of severe water

Worth more than 230,000 yuan waterproof watch, less than three months after the purchase that serious water. <a href='http://www.swiss-sale.net/replica-watches/Corum-Watches-12.html'>Corum Watches Replcia </a> Well-known luxury brands Cartier (Cartier) Wenzhou recently the subject of complaints by consumers. Market Herald reporter learned that, under the mediation of Lucheng District, South of Industry and Commerce, the dispute settlement Wenzhou people before the two sides in December 2009 Ms. Cao, at a local mall, Cartier counters spent more than 230,000 yuan to buy a paragraph Blue Balloon waterproof ladies watches. At that time salesperson, this watch is water resistant to 30 meters. However, this year in February, she found the watch dial fog severely by Cartier Shanghai maintenance testing to confirm the watch waterproof function properly, there is a serious water table, dial needle drops, there is writing on the dial blisters, maintenance cost of 2920 yuan . Maintenance points considered, the table may be used in larger temperature difference between the environment too, is improper use of a counter store brand marketers further <a href='http://www.swiss-sale.net/replica-watches/Jaeger-LeCoultre-Watches-22.html'>Jaeger LeCoultre Watches Replcia </a> explained that the rubber band inside the watch will be affected by temperature, thermal expansion and contraction voids thus affecting water function test results for unilateral businesses, Ms. Cao can not agree, and eventually require replacement of a new table by Wenzhou Great Southern Industry and Commerce and Industry Branch mediation, merchants agreed to replace free of charge to form the core of Ms. Cho Coincidentally, the people of Wenzhou Wang Mr. also encountered a similar experience, Mr. Wang was purchased in November 2008 Cartier watches, was priced at 35,500 yuan. The table but had to use less than three months that lack electricity and repair before. However, after five months of repairs, stop watch and went in October 2009, Mr. Wang once again sent Shanghai maintenance table. The Cartier Shanghai maintenance point identification results as: table drops badly, dial block has been blistering, waterproof watch glass failure, damage to the movement. Maintenance believes that the watch may result in washed sauna, belonging to improper use. And the table as to the maintenance, the cost of 2,040 yuan face this test results, Mr. Wang is equally unacceptable, and for the sauna has denied this claim. In his view, Cartier watches warranty period is two years, and is currently still under warranty watches, businesses should <a href='http://www.swiss-sale.net/replica-watches/Piaget-Watches-44.html'>Piaget Watches Replcia </a> be free maintenance, not to misuse by asking customers expense.

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