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Created by baiyun
Big S Zhang sent Hermes to discuss her mother mad praise very intimate favor

Sohu Entertainment News According to Taiwan media reports, the big S and Wang Fei East South Beauty little understanding of more than 20 days, that got engaged, and even quasi-law say not seen quasi-law, but it would be a man big S, and quasi-law The first meet, it brought precious Hermes bags, amused Zhang is very happy as he says this wife was very intimate, but also played out, simply praised learned that the big S and Wang 29 from Shanghai Zhang Fei Beijing and meet for dinner, meet-law for the first time, the atmosphere of joy. Zhang said it was like Taiwanese girls, and even more like the big S, the <a href='http://www.your-trusty-time.com/HUBLOT-KING-POWER-DIVER-4000M-48MM.html'>hublot king power diver</a> wife brought luxury bags, she felt very intimate, also praised the big S look good. However, she wedding for the couple in February next year, said too hurried, not to mention the time run into Chinese Lunar New Year, there is simply no time to prepare and a large S first met with Zhang, Xu mother was not there, she had to fly back to Taiwan, and interviewed by the media, she said to Wang Fei was very satisfied, and a large Wang got engaged, she thought to the fate. In addition, they have two games before the rumored official Wending feast, Xu mother denied, said they had announced the good <a href='http://www.your-trusty-time.com/PATEK-PHILIPPE-SKYMOON.html'>patek philippe sky moon tourbillon</a> news in the microblogging however much the better for the big S Frank Zhang strong personality, so fears fear of future law relationship friction, which, Xu mother touches not worry, said Zhang hurt younger, but no  matter how strong people will take care of the younger generation, the implication seems to be happy to see her daughter marry Homer. But will the big S hurry to have children, she said everything comes naturally, as long as they are happy.

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