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Created by gmsdpos711

allow us to pious attitude to our children and grandchildren to worship. Honorary live? A lot of people want fame, notoriety can accidentally it. Live for money? Many people are doing to get Bill's dream, life can often be difficult or poor chink, and then "money, students usually do not <a href="http://www.buysportshoes2014.com/"><strong>air jordan retro</strong></a> already naked" to comfort themselves dying spirits. ...... Until 1 day, when the brain, since the sages reveal how the great reason behind mankind to call home, simply how much value of ah, unsure which you and i also do not want. I can't ask humans in the long run desire to go, it is a philosophical proposition can't be solved. We are going to soon be required to a blind alley, among need to learn Zhuangzi, Satisfied with nature, but we now have no Fu Xiaoshou this lightly, and human development today, folks have to set yourself too more "halo", being exact shackles it. Sometimes I do believe that individuals in the long run will be in life, or even in solving the situation <a href="http://www.buysportshoes2014.com/"><strong>air max 2014</strong></a> of existence? We used many of their resides in enough time to fix the situation of existence, when really understand life, our life should come to a end, still being concerned about the twilight of later years. What exactly is freedom? Some individuals feel that is the thing that it desires to do, along with might like to do a few things i think just isn't doing anything, typically, we all have been against his or her own wishes, to express the language against something to do against their will before day and we don't even and the man cannot find, and that is the maximum tragedy in your life! Road from the still having memories, brilliant or, bleak, might know about ignore the optimal way, some individuals might imagine <a href="http://www.buysportshoes2014.com/"><strong>christian louboutin</strong></a> that forgetting history is tantamount to betrayal, I will be concerned with is always that we could accept the delicate shoulders of people who carry out the heavy memories ? Indeed, this is a difficult aspect to forget, I initially found in are a diary to forget, are typical fit in the vent inside the diary, gradually and definately will are able to forget. Why snail and turtle goes slowly at home since they carried on the shoulder. Qing dynasty imperial state may be having dreams about, <a href="http://www.buysportshoes2014.com/"><strong>jimmy choo</strong></a> they just don't turn out from your memory, and consequently for the demise. Chinese poetry to the pinnacle of our own our children and grandchildren and quite often inaccessible. I am going to always elect to ignore the memories, extending its love to the aim of stupid. The best is Zheng Xie phrase "woolly-headed" yes ah, folks are too smart, smart enough to produce their particular pain. My writing is indeed inanimate, packed with pessimism, in reality, not. No less than, I will examine Father and mother everyday become older, watching her daughter mature everyday, and his awesome wife are in stirring cookware, this type of grandchildren or enough solace me. So i could comprehend the joy <a href="http://www.buysportshoes2014.com/"><strong>nike roshe run</strong></a> of life. Finally, I have to conclude using a word: nature has provided my figure, I live Lawton, many years i aging, death never i want to rest. I recently walk back between life and death, beyond death, I recently clouds. I have come across this kind of small story about a old carpenter was able to retire,

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