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Created by gmsdpos711

change. Huge world, mortal beings, but more is only able to passing too soon, and very soon from the field of vision, turn into a stranger, just that we become friends, turn into a congenial, sharing weal and woe friend, that alone can be a forms of miracles <a href="http://www.tiptopshoes2014.com/"><strong>air max 2014</strong></a> and fate.They all have Yoshitomo, or open their hearts, candle possible; or kai few friends out from the mountains to the sea, jungle grassland, near the natural scenery; or childhood friends from afar, Wind wine, cheerfully and friendship, and memories of childhood fun, ignore the earthly troubles, can it be a fantastic pleasure. Figure out how to cherish my colleagues. Interpersonal skelter life deduce many rivalry, meet, will be the edge. We have been flying the Goose, is galloping horses, we are part of the identical side with the road team. Career journey, from my trek leaves footprints carved time timeless prints. To enjoy also to be motivated to publish value of life, shaping the realm of life. Maybe we have been tiny, maybe we very fragile, maybe we'll vicissitudes good and bad moments, provided that we rejoice <a href="http://www.tiptopshoes2014.com/"><strong>jimmy choo</strong></a> with grateful heart, cherish the nice commendable affection, with open-minded to eliminate and tenacity and tribulations of life at night trivial or unpleasant, really real intention to cover, real effort, though not spectacular, not earth-shattering, still using a sincere smile calmly face life. Would you unlike us, inside the dimension of energy specifically, from morning till evening, having the same problem. Needless to say, today's meet, may signify tomorrow should go our separate ways, the way you usually do not cherish it. Refrain cast "Remembrance into, but is casting haze of confusion" regret. You cannot miss this chance to bless and encourage <a href="http://www.tiptopshoes2014.com/"><strong>new balance 574</strong></a> the other person, careful good care of your treasures, good care of this edge. Realize that the world isn't strongest hard steel, but love is warm, the flow inside the human heart, kindness and warmth. Carving knife moments you'll end up with my engraved vicissitudes, filtered water falling, excluding floating light Mirage, precipitation inside the heart, maybe merely a sincere smile, a blessing inside the eyes. Cherish life, cherish today. Human life only one time, there's no afterlife of nothingness, time will never be back, and then we have become starting toward the established goals. In the event you always feel that tomorrow you will find there's variety of words, it really is <a href="http://www.tiptopshoes2014.com/"><strong>nike free run</strong></a> our planet's undesirable people. Natural treasure, cherish peace. After sars, inform us the way to are in harmony with nature is very important, and we are a masterpiece of nature, not one other life master. To cherish the micro base set up flowers per bunch, a cluster of low grass; are in peace we, in reality, never have seriously seriously considered the actual concise explaination peace. You understand, after the ancient kingdom of Babylon, one of many four ancient civilizations inside the brutal bombing, they may be praying for peace in utilizing blood and tears ah. We are in sunlight, how should we not cherish it. I often think "home" The facts? Someone said: home <a href="http://www.tiptopshoes2014.com/"><strong>nike shox</strong></a> brewing love and happiness distillery, is full of warmth and emotion to attend taste wine. After returning exhausted during the time to embrace the facts of affection, is always to commit to the other person silently watching eyes ...... Some individuals say: property is a hut inside the wind and rain, snow days property is a cupful of hot wine,

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