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first successful test flight aircraft factory in Shanghai, plans to obtain a certificate of airworthiness before the end of this year and completed the first aircraft delivery.ARJ21 mainly adapted to high temperature plateau in western China and complexity of airport landing route obstacle for the target operating requirements, because China's western region has many of the characteristics of an obstacle on airport conditions and relatively simple route, which both have strong requirements for aircraft new balance
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takeoff and climb performance, to within a short distance of the ups and downs in the case of diminished carrier, but also to ensure that aircraft can operate in more severe climates.Some media reports, successfully developed ARJ21 will promote Chinese regional jet civil aircraft business innovation research breakthroughs, accelerate the development of domestic regional aircraft, marking the official Chinese aircraft flying into the ranks of the world's new civil aircraft. Security Institute Security Zhang, vice president of China Civil Aviation University think the whole huge regional aviation market prospects, but the outlook is not good specific to the ARJ21 OK. He said, ARJ21 we still await

actual flight test and market test.Abnormal development of China's regional aviation marketDuring the two sessions this year "due to restrictions by the regional aviation development environment, domestic and regional aircraft in the early stages of development, growth prospects in the domestic market and is not optimistic.", National People's Congress, Tang Jun Tang Jun, general manager of AVIC Aircraft to submit a "perfect motion environment, activating Chinese regional aviation market, the implementation of policies to promote the healthy development of civil aircraft industry, "and called for the creation of a new balance
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better environment and policy space from two aspects of civil aviation and regional aircraft industry, the effective implementation of the strategy to promote air power.In recent years, the regional aircraft market is still in "praised" state. Although the number of regional aircraft increased year by year, but the total is still a serious shortage of regional aircraft for regional routes in the number of aircraft operating below normal.Statistics show that by the end of 2013, China's civil aviation aircraft over 2000 registered transport aircraft, regional aircraft accounted for only

about 9%. Mature aviation market in the world, such as America, Europe, regional aircraft ownership accounted for 43% and 36% respectively of the total fleet. Nearly a decade, the proportion of China's regional aviation market air transport carriers accounted for the total traffic is always hovering between 2-4%, while in the mature aviation market, this figure is usually maintained at above 30%.Tang Jun in the motion that the development of China's regional aviation transportation is far below the level of the new balance
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overall development of civil aviation. In the fluctuating regional aviation market, the number of China-made civil aircraft on routes is only a handful.By the end of 2013, only 181 of China's regional aircraft, regional aircraft accounted for about 9% of the total size of the transport fleet, only 15 Chinese-made regional jet into the domestic airline operations. This 15-made regional jet is the AVIC Xi'an Aircraft Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. 60 new boat, new boat 600 two models."On the one hand, the number of domestic 

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