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regional airports more and more, because there is no capacity in many regional airports, aircraft operators reluctant to use the trunk branch, dismally; on the other hand, foreign-made regional jet market optimistic about the domestic market has been opened up the situation, did not play its due role in the domestic regional aviation market. "Academy Offers newspaper industry network traffic industry researcher Li Bin said.The world's leading manufacturer of regional nike free 3.0
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aircraft to Embraer and Bombardier of Canada. Embraer accounted for over 50% of the world market share of regional aircraft, the main models are E170, E175, E190 and E195, has between 70-122 seats; Bombardier's CRJ Series regional jets mainly.Our regional aircraft market is no exception has been occupied by these two giants. 2000 Embraer to enter the Chinese market, Chinese regional jet market share as high as 77 percent, which is estimated over the next 20 years, the Chinese regional aviation market, 61-120 level jet aircraft deliveries will account for 15 deliveries % to 1005.On April 24 this year, the sixth meeting of the international aviation industry Forum, Embraer Commercial Marketing Director, Greater China, said Wang Fengming

aircraft in the international aviation market, the model and the size and number must match the changing needs of the market, But the Chinese market is a serious mismatch, fleet structure is seriously unbalanced."Internationally mature aviation market, different companies have different route network and operational fit models, but to achieve a certain level of profitability, but is often used in Chinese large aircraft to fly Extension, large companies and small companies Large aircraft are used on the trunk and branch melee, not only a waste of resources, but also profitable for airlines, but also restricts the development of regional aviation market. "Wang Fengming said.Our airline was reluctant to enter the regional aviation market, with poor profitability is closely related to regional markets. Relative to the trunk market, regional market incubation period is very long, it may take 10 or 20 years, "do not see a lot of aviation enterprises so long, do not want to do the first person to eat crab, unwilling to invest resources, human, financial nike free 5.0+

about our regional aviation market, and there is a positive.Its release of "Chinese regional aviation market forecast (2012-2031 years)," that the next one or two decades China's aviation industry will remain golden period of development, its strategic position and role will be more prominent, but also regional aviation will play a more important role in stimulating economic restructuring and transformation of regional economic development, promote economic development mode. Light 61-120 seat jet, Chinese airlines will

need to introduce the next 1005, about a new level of global aircraft deliveries this seat 15% of the amount.July 17, a time when President Xi Jinping during his state visit to Brazil, witnessed by the leaders of China and Pakistan, Embraer and HNA Group signed a 40 Tianjin Airlines aircraft sales agreement. The agreement includes 20 aircraft and 20 E190 Series E190 Series II aircraft. Based on current list prices, the contract totaling $ 2.1 billion. It also makes the HNA Group, Tianjin became the first airline to order
E190 Series II aircraft Chinese airlines.In addition to the civil aircraft industry market factors, or a symbol of national industrial level. Therefore, all the world's major developing countries as a national task aviation industry, in the world's major aviation industry companies behind, nike free run
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without exception, can see the shadow of the country. And create a competitive regional aircraft, is undoubtedly large aircraft, military aircraft manufacturing competition "testing ground.""We will not be because of a regional jet feeder flights accidents do not sit up." Safety School Safety Zhang, vice president of China Civil Aviation University of Taiwan, Penghu, a wholly believe the crash will not cause major upheaval for the entire regional market, nor will ATR72 aircraft type of market cause much impact. He called on the government should increase regional airports, 

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