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big problem on the literature, has long been controversial. Qian think it says very absurd, non-clear can not. The Modern Liang believes that the above CALLIGRAPHY the Eastern Han Dynasty were all out in favor of Liang Qian said, also provides its own textual come forceful argument."Book" authenticity is also a detective in literary history, Qian has his own thinking. He believes that "Book" is the most credible work Shang "Pangeng" while Yu book ("Yaodian"), summer book ("Yu Gong"), Yin book ("Pangeng"), are suspicious.The most interesting is mentioned by Sima Qian Qian pointed out that "Lament" is, because they do not know history and geography, place names wrong to think that the ancients, also the original error correction on the contrary, lead to the location of Qu Yuan committed suicide from "  air
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Xiang stream" into "steady flow." "Recently I read" History of Chinese Literature ", that money also verse of historical geography teacher, he should be able to open the" Chinese Historical Geography "this course." Ye Long said with a smile.New Tranz:Jian literature is still being underestimatedLook "Chinese literary history," notes, can be found, although Qian speak in chronological order all the way down, but some sections of "partiality", clearly revealing his bias.The most typical is Jianan literature hesitate ink. Not only will it from Qian Wei and Jin Literature carry out a single,

self-contained chapters, and its assessment with the former, even people today are very different."Money opinion, the value of literature has been greatly underestimated Jian It is important turning point in Chinese literature, literary awakening of the times, since literature was able to be independent, and politics out of the relationship. Jian Cao Cao and his son is three literary leader ,nike
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have made significant contributions, while Cao achievements in literature with a special status, but also the first to propose the division of money and discovered in modern times. "Long said Ye, Jian re-evaluation of literature, is Mr. Qian Mu study the history of Chinese literature unique ideas.Qian Cao Cao's very respected, "said Chi order" will be compared to Roosevelt's "fireside Nocturne", he said: "The falling water all articles, culling are all literary realm, only later to go to Cao Cao, the Jian literary and flavored cordial, "he told Cao Cao very favorite punch line when he talked again and again:" Later Liang lupine Lun towel, command the

armed forces, his "Inst" same applies with friends talking about family, school is Cao Cao suave romantic. , its affiliated Yang Hu tired chancery official Zuopu She rose, Jingzhou when their captaincy when furs with ease, the body is not armored, Cao Cao also learn Zeng Fire will parade in Red Cliff Zhou Yu defeated, as war, behind it listening to opera, science still Cao Cao. "Former heavy weight without nike
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Cao Pi, Mu, however, took the opposite view. He believes that Pi is the first person in the history of Chinese literature stresses the value of literature and techniques. His "Code กค thesis" that "Taking the gas main," this proposition, far-reaching impact on future generations. And two brothers, "Pi-minded scholars, but also respects academic from the literary standpoint, Cao Pi was really good as far."Fine Comments:Every word Abas vivid"History of Chinese Literature" handwritten notes are not written by Qian, is based on records from teaching, but the master's meaning is Yanbiyouzhong often have one or two sentences makes sense 

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