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Sudden Impact.Reporters read the manuscript, did not feel at reading academic works, but rather read prose. Qian great eloquence, he stresses, "History of Chinese Literature" to fill the gap, assessment masters, say classic, every word Abas; then just say no literature on the literature, cited historical data, see the world, come in handy down five thousand years, to a literary history speaks like a magnificent epic.His evaluation of pre-Qin philosophers, adidas
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such as Confucius said Bell, "big buckle Naruto, small buckle small Ming, Ming does not buckle," the great Confucius, as a department store, genuine and real price. Zhuangzi is cynical, not sternly taught, but what he said fable, is actually quite reasonable. Lao also be different, he thought unworthy of speaking with someone, the more you understand, the higher my position, it is said:. "Dilute knows me, I'm your carry on Sri Lanka" Mo is sure to be talked about you know So far, because he is a social activist, is religionists.Comments literati he said Tao Yuanming character like a

tiger, his poems are more cute. Wang Wei is a Buddhist, Du Fu is a solemn reading people, Li Bai is like telling fairy, martial arts charlatans, belonging to the lower social. Liu is the greatest travel writing, good to see the scenery just because Chinese poetry only.Ye Long told reporters, Qian of the "Reflection of Life" as the evaluation of the history of Chinese literature important criteria that the author is more important than the value of human work. Thus, "Li Du" par, Qian Du Fu is high, he said, "adidas
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Li Bai is a figure who trained, Lao demeanor; Du Fu Su Shu cloth, there is the Confucian spirit," the spirit of the whole personality of Du Fu mingle with the times, and great relationship history occurred.Qian's "History of Chinese Literature" The first is human history. This measure, he believes, is better Tao Qian Xie Lingyun, Song is better to Qu Yuan, Wu Jingzi, Cao Jiang heart must not be compared with the rest, Ruan Dacheng more can not be compared with the hole Dongtang.Big Vision:From the perspective of literary history

talk"Reflection of Life" is the Mu this "History of Chinese Literature" theoretical basis, but also it is different from other unique literary history. Ye Long told reporters, for historical perspective, Mr. Qian Mu view of literary history is the history of the paper, he was more important role in the history of literature and social functions, the Chinese literary tradition rheological see bigger part of the culture.This literary theory, scattered Qian tells, but it is one that runs through the clues. adidas
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In the "History of Chinese Literature" introduction, he stated at the outset: "talk of literary history should first understand the history." He said, "Historical Records" to solve the Western literary problem of "literary and moral," "Literature and History" relations, said the highest literature is the highest in history.He believes that "the literary World Games will be connected with the" great literature, mostly produced during peace time. Southern and Northern Dynasties of literature, literary awakening can only say that, God is 

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