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Created by roubaogm
 Communist Kuomintang Central Executive Committee has ten elected. "A big", the Kuomintang Party and the country to establish a working group to carry out the party's headquarters, the CCP here to contribute much, so less than three years, the KMT party members on the development of the so-called million scale. Another important task KMT-CPC cooperation, the establishment of the Whampoa Military Academy in the Soviet Union with the help of the military to create a party. Students Whampoa Military  
nike air max 1 venta  conquests achieved victory and consolidate bases in Guangdong. Period, the CCP has also played its citizens and advocacy work at doing the advantage to launch a series of Divergence, Hong Kong provincial workers strike and vigorous peasant movement, and soon formed a "down powers, in addition to the warlords," the National Revolutionary climax, so the Northern Expedition successful apprenticeship, victorious.However, although the first KMT-CPC cooperation to make large-scale development of national revolution, but in the Kuomintang and anyone can understand it

 "the most struggling communist youth", so the "bipartisan party mix revolution, little better than a big party for the party worry, "Chiang language precautions, exclusion of increasing heart day. Especially after the death of Sun Yat-sen, a number of "uniting" the policy of the opposition continue to rise. Given the complex relationship between Communist, Communist Party members have requested to change the "party cooperation" approach, but was Soviet advisers Borodin depressed. Martin believes that the CCP should consider the greater good, patience sum, such as the Northern Expedition achieved a complete victory, again review the KMT-CPC cooperation to solve the problem of the way. After entering 1927, with the capture of the Yangtze River Expedition, the Kuomintang government in Nanjing split into
nike flyknit max baratasheaded by Chiang Kai-shek and Wang Jingwei in Wuhan government headed by the two sides of the CCP Cunningham jealousy and suspicion, the situation is even more sinister. April 12, Chiang Ching launch party, wantonly killing communists. July 15, Wang decided to "5 stars", Cunningham began anticommunist confluence. KMT complete breakdown of cooperation.The first reason for the failure of the KMT-CPC cooperation can list many-fold, as Communist China's national conditions are not fluent in the wrong command

 apply the experience of other countries to engage in "inner-party cooperation"; untimely require the CCP to carry out the agrarian revolution, the two parties of the man-made Many conflicts between; lack CCP political experience, peasant movement appears "excesses", leading to discontent within the camp Expedition; Chiang Kai-shek moved to "non-revolutionary dictatorship does not work, be sure to a doctrine, a party to the dictatorship," the idea is not allowed party within the party and so on. But more fundamental is when people can not jump out of the traditional Chinese "sit conquer the world," the political rule. Later, Mao Zedong concluded that the Chinese people have no right to political freedom. Left the armed struggle, there is no position of the Communist Party. This experience is paid in blood. In 1931, Japan made the Mukden Incident, occupation of northeast China. August 1935, the CPC issued to the patriotic compatriots books that
nike air max lunar 90 baratastell the whole Bayi declaration calling on all parties to stop the domestic civil war against Japan. December 1936 the Xi'an Incident, Zhou Enlai and other Chinese Communist faction Xi'an, prompting event peaceful solution to the anti-Japanese alliance with Chiang Kai-shek made items such conditions. The following year in February, Fifth Third 

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