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Created by CHENMIAO

Besides, when I told my mom what you are pregnant, she was not opposed, but also let me settle up the stove pray God bless, and also asked me to say: "I was busy building houses, there is no time to take care of Xu Tim, called her back after she received the best to you in your school to live up to you to take care of her. "and the words just spoken with her pregnant just can not live with her husband's views contradictory.

Thus, I am concerned about is false, the money is real. When I temporarily unable to fulfill his promise, she set of fallacies in her stall me. The phrase "no money can do it?" And "do not ask you a lot of money, I find you doing?" Argument, the concept of life long bare undoubtedly money first. And that night I just finished to wash clothes, and I feel this should be very happy, but did not expect was so cold. Before that, did not receive a marriage certificate, we have less number of your uncle home to live in it? But also Bu Zengjian she said "no" word, took out a marriage how it actually interfere with it? Made me feel a just like myself who like a betrayal, betrayal seems to be in your general! Can this normal?

Another time, she forced me to beg I had acquiesced to her that 6,000 yuan, said:. "Without honor, I'll find a heavy Xu Tian, also a university student," I did not mind and said: "Then you are not willing to see Xu Tian ? willing to do "I never thought my mom said:" I would be willing to control her, on the line as long as I am willing, "Coincidentally, while making dinner on Saturday, my mom and even your face, said:." the rest of the 5000 yuan as soon as you prepare well, do not think you took out a marriage license on the end of the story, I can always take your marriage break up, if you do not deliver, I'll find a heavy Hsu Tien, was a university student, he came to my house, at least to my house to take four or five million, you only took two or three million. "

I do not think that Italy said: "Then you do not agree with Tim Xu depends." I ask you? You laughed. And yet my mom is so argument: "I do not agree with her ​​pipes, all decided by me!" Middleman ruling dowry full sweep of 12,000 yuan, while the mother actually said: "In addition to support my family had to build a house that 5000 dollar suits, wedding ceremony money you have come. "

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