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Created by Jesal Mehta
The following report summary was reported by Electronics Industry Market Research and Knowledge Group on August 2008.

Worldwide analog IC revenue in 2008 is expected to perform in-line with the entire semiconductor market, with a year over year percentage change of 6 percent; global semiconductor revenue is expected to increase by 7 percent. Long term, however, these products are outperforming their digital counterparts with an average annual growth of 12 percent each year over the next five years.

As electronics continue to proliferate into the modern world, analog ICs will continue to rise in demand, as real world signal translation, transmission, and management are fundamental to every electronic design in use today. The analog IC market constitutes 14 percent of the $273 billion semiconductor industry. Analog is the third largest market in the semiconductor industry behind logic and memory, and is about the same size as the microprocessor market.

The worldwide analog market is expected to top out at nearly $39 billion this year. Unit shipments of analog circuits should reach 74.5 billion. Some of the growth drivers include high volume application shipments, such as handsets and laptop computers. Other trends include the increasing demand for convergence products and the trend toward portability for applications traditionally tethered to a power outlet. New technology is also driving analog, with more wireless standards in development as well as power distribution technology.

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