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Recuerdo un experimento de Jason Kottke en el año 2005 en el que particip¨¦ por curiosidad y que funcion¨® al menos durante un tiempo, pero aunque se planteaba con objetivos muy claros y transparentes, no ten¨ªa una sugerencia de importe expl¨ªcita. Posiblemente esa, la sugerencia o recomendaci¨®n razonada, pueda jugar un papel importante al no dejar el concepto de donaci¨®n
Added by hollywu8728283 on 2014-06-15 00:45:25
But I wanted to give that Linux package of theirs a shot. The tarball contains some PPD files, actually with the model number of my printer and a later model, so perfect. On the other hand it came with a random elf binary rastertoptc, Mobile Printers which was compiled on some Suse9.3 system. It also came with some sligh...
Added by hollywu8728283 on 2014-04-18 07:30:40
The small size of the iPad Mini makes it incredibly portable and it can literally slide into a coat pocket, Mobile Printers the downside of this of course is your staff need to be on a constant look out for people dropping your POS in their pocket and walking out of your shop. Small Mob...
Added by hollywu8728283 on 2014-04-02 06:58:41
The printer itself is $200, Label Printer which is also not exactly throw-away money, especially as it competes with big-name photo printers like the larger Kodak Easyshare and the smaller Canon Selphy. But LifePrint didn¡¯t stop there. The printer also implements a social aspect by allowing you to ¡°follow¡± and be followed...
Added by hollywu8728283 on 2014-04-01 06:09:26
I spent more than 16 hours researching the mono laser category myself, looking over dozens of expert reviews and hundreds of user testimonials for the best, most affordable black-and-white printers. Pos Mobile Printer Meanwhile, Wirecutter researcher Audrey Lorberfeld spent another 32 hours analyzing existing professional printer ...
Added by hollywu8728283 on 2014-03-26 06:17:55
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