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Added by kori fromme on 2014-11-24 19:15:10

I travel quite a bit, and one huge misconception about traveling is that a lot of travel time is spent utterly and completely BORED. Yes, traveling can be very boring at times. How is this possible? Well, you've got to spend a lot of time waiting for busses, waiting in line, waiting for tickets, and waiting for people to show up. Unless you book a bunch of planes a head of time and have everyth...

Added by duncan243 on 2014-11-24 19:15:01

4 Buildings That Defy the Laws of Gravity

Safety is always a concern these days, and that's kind of a bummer, because sometimes a person just wants to show up to their tedious day job at a building that's at least kind of terrifying. Just looking at the following freaks of modern architecture makes us want to dial up a team of first responders to be at the ready for the disaster that ap...

Added by duncan243 on 2014-11-24 19:14:32

believes the 'best Cyber Monday Michael kors Fulton years of my career' are coming up

Steve Gregory is back in the area, occasionally working out at a local YMCA in between shuttling back and forth to Boston. His father lives in Baldwinsville, the in laws live 15 duncan243 on 2014-11-24 19:13:44

ĦĦĦĦBecause we already had a lot of Cheap FIFA 15 Coins to altercate this week, let's attending aback at the igcoin Sell wow gold afore we get rolling. A lot of the changes Dr. Street mentioned accept gone reside in the a lot of contempo beta build. I ran about and activated out the aegis and acerbity changes while exploring Towlong ...

Added by Michaela on 2014-11-24 19:13:37
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